Natural treatments for hair loss

Where does hair loss come from? How to cure it ?

The causes of hair loss can be very diverse (fatigue, endocrine, digestive, nervous, hereditary disorders). Several traditional recipes can answer the questions asked and in any case offer a natural treatment against hair loss, treatment to be performed for about a month.

Traditional recipes to prevent hair loss

Extracted from the bark of oak and a few other trees, Tannin , strengthens the scalp. It is found in pharmacies in the form of crystals, also buy axonge, or fine pork fat, if your pharmacist does not have one, replace it with lard

  • Mix in a bain marie, 30 g of fat and 4 g of tannin
  • Let cool, you get a kind of ointment
  • To coat your head, at bedtime
  • When you wake up, rinse your hair with warm water and usual shampoo.

Jaborandi special lotion recipe

  • In a bottle pour 1/2 liter of 90 ° alcohol (or natural brandy)
  • Add 50 g of rosemary flowers
  • 25 g Jarobandi
  • 25 g sagebrush
  • Close hermetically and leave to macerate for 15 days, stirring regularly
  • Filter through a muslin and rub the scalp daily with this lotion

Please note, this lotion is not suitable for those who do not support alcohol

Anti hair loss nettle juice lotion recipe

  • Generously pick a good packet of nettles
  • Chop your fine harvest, grind with a pestle
  • Extract the juice or with a cleaning press or a centrifuge
  • Rubbing hair in places lightens hair loss
  • Leave on for at least 30 minutes and rinse with clear water
  • You can keep the rest of the juice in the refrigerator

Onion juice lotion recipe for hair loss

Replace the nettle with the onion. Collect the onion juice with a centrifuge and rub the scalp (The onion juice can give colored reflections).

Medicinal plants with a favorable effect against hair loss

  • Green tea, to be used mainly in the form of herbal tea (according to certain studies the consumption of green tea could reduce hair loss, no study has come to prove clearly or not its effectiveness).
  • Sprouted wheat, to be used mainly in the form of wheat germ Effective against hair loss, only if due to a deficiency in certain nutrients (quite rare case).
  • Millet, generally taken in the form of a capsule (capsule).

Three hair growth cycles

On the head of each person there is on average 100,000 to 150,000 hairs.

Each hair root during its lifespan produces about 20 new hairs, each of which grows for a few years and can reach a meter in length. Each hair will eventually fall out and a new hair develops in its place.

Hair growth cycles

Hair growth is divided into three phases:

  • Growth phase – anagen
  • Destruction phase – catagen
  • Rest phase – telogen

The growth phase which lasts 1000 days or more is followed by the destruction phase (10 days or more). During this period, the follicle is completely destroyed. Then the rest phase begins (100 days or more). After resting the hair falls out and the growth phase begins.

Thus, a person loses about 60-100 hairs per day. Lost hair begins to grow again. About 10% of a person’s hair is in a resting phase.

Many different reasons can affect the hair growth cycle and cause accelerated hair loss or growth: drugs, chemotherapy, hormonal processes and others.

Some tips to save the health of your hair in winter

Hair has the ability to compensate for its humidity with the humidity level of the surrounding atmosphere. In a dry environment the humidity will leave the hair and in the wet environment the hair will absorb water.

Dry air in winter dries the hair. You may not feel it right away, but to understand it remember that your lips become dry and chapped in winter if you forget to moisten them.

And inside, central heating dries the air which can cause hair damage.

To avoid this double attack on the hair, follow a few simple rules:

● When leaving, don’t forget the hat

● Use humidifiers for heating radiators or at least put a tank with water

● Use healing lotions / hair balms containing oil (sunflower, avocado, almond, olive oil)

● Refuse to wave and straighten hair with thermal devices, allow hair to feel more natural.