Clinical studies Propecia, Do these pills really help against baldness?

DA has approved only Propecia for treating male pattern baldness. This pill can be taken only once a day.

PROPECIA decreases the level of DHT which is the main reason of hair loss.

Clinical studies showed obvious results of PROPECIA taking.

Statistics confirm the facts.

Clinical studies lead during last 5 years testified efficacy of propecia.

  • 9 of 10 men who used PROPECIA experienced real results: 134 of 279 men (48%) noticed hair re-growth, hair loss of 117 of 279 men (42%) stopped. At the same time, according to an independent panel of dermatologists who assessed photographs of those who took placebo (sugar pill), only 25% (4 of 16) had results. Speaking about hair count, 2 of 3 men re-grew hair after taking PROPECIA while non-takers lost hair.
  • Doctors estimated the state of most of men (77% – 210 of 271) who took PROPECIA as improved. Only 2 of 13 men (15%) who took placebo were rated in the same way.
    In their reports, most of men who took PROPECIA noted the reduction of their bald, slowing down of hair loss and improved appearance of new hair.

Here are some useful tips

  • You mustn’t forget to take pill every day.
  • If you miss taking PROPECIA, do not have an extra one next day, just continue as usual.
  • Remember: taking propecia twice a day or even more often will not speed up the effect or make it better.

According to clinical trials, PROPECIA really works.
It is the only pill that should be taken once a day and that is approved by FDA for treating certain types of male pattern hair loss.

The effect of PROPECIA is reached by reducing DHT which is the immediate cause of hair loss.

First of all, PROPECIA was created to fight against mild to moderate male pattern hair loss on the crown of head (vertex) and middle front of head (anterior mid-scalp area), it may not work for receding hairlines at the temples. PROPECIA is MEN ONLY pill.

No women or children are allowed to take PROPECIA, these tablets are for treating male pattern hair loss and should be used by MEN ONLY.